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I'm Running. 

Arvada needs a leader that represents the progressive values that so many of its citizens believe in and fight for. Jordan is a leader who is ready to fight for the better deals and leadership that Arvada deserves and reject the practice of give-away land deals and dangerous parkways. 

Going Further.

Going further means doing better, for everyone. For Millennials like Jordan who struggle to afford to live in the city where they were raised, Jordan is ready to fight for the next generation of Arvadans and their parents and grandparents who struggle to balance the increasing costs of housing, transportation, education, and healthcare. By focusing on sustainable, transit-oriented development that leverages proven affordable housing strategies, Jordan will address these concerns and provide real options and solutions. 

It Starts with You.

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Arvada's current council has a long history of making bad deals that benefit big developers. Jordan will fight for the best deals that benefit everyone in Arvada and provide greater oversight to protect citizens from dangerous deals like the Jefferson Parkway, which he strongly opposes. Jordan will advocate for safer, smarter deals in the future.

Better Deals.

As a Millennial, Jordan struggles to live in District 4, as it lacks affordable housing, apartment options, or transit hubs. To make sure that everyone can afford to call Arvada home, Jordan will advocate for new zoning to allow for new housing options and vote in favor of development deals with affordable rent options.

Affordable Housing.

Single hauler trash and recycling is less expensive, better for the environment, safer for children and neighborhoods and saves our roads from the wear and tear of multiple trucks. District 4 has many neighborhoods that already have less expensive, single hauler trash and recycling, and Jordan believes it is time to see this city-wide. 

Trash & Recycling.

Arvada needs smart investments that make sense and make a difference. From solar and wind energy, to electrified transportation and 5G connectivity, Jordan will advocate for the latest technological innovations and applications whenever possible. 


No more closed door meetings with developers. Jordan believes in a council of transparency and community involvement, and he will hold monthly community meetings to address the needs, concerns and questions of his district.

Community Engagement

A staunch supporter of the environment, Jordan is dedicated to making Arvada as green as possible and attaining 100% renewable energy by 2035. Jordan supports innovative ideas like the White Roof Project and LEED certification and rejects the dangerous and out of touch proposals like fracking under Standley Lake or near Rocky Flats. 

Energy & Environment.

Arvada's roads need restoration and repair. Jordan will focus on decreasing Arvada's 'pothole tax' by restoring roadways and expanding sidewalks for safer pedestrian and driving conditions. Jordan is also committed to ensuring all crosswalks and sidewalks adhere to ADA standards and are accessible and safe for our disabled citizens. 


Jordan is dedicated to fighting the practice of unfair $30 land deals, which hurt our city and its residents. Jordan believes that Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) needs more oversight and regulation and he opposes the bad practice of Tax Increment Financing (TIF), which siphons money from Arvada residents and business owners. 

Urban Renewal Oversight.

Where compassion meets action. Jordan understands the complexity of this issue and he will work with local faith-based organizations, businesses and non-profits to find effective solutions that offer mental health resources and new opportunity.


Jordan believes that a more diverse Arvada is a better Arvada, and that starts by electing a more diverse City Council. As a progressive LGBTQ Millennial, Jordan stands apart from the crowd and reflects our dynamic, evolving city and the future of Arvada.



Jordan is a life-long Arvada resident, the son of a mother who has worked for Jeffco Schools for the last two decades, and the son of a father who was a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service for 30+ years. Jordan's sister, brother-in-law, and six-year-old niece live in Austin, TX, and are expecting their second daughter later this year. Jordan previously ran for City Council in 2017, where he received a record-breaking result for the most votes cast for a first time candidate in Arvada's history.


Jordan has studied political science at the University of Colorado Colorado and at Harvard Extension School, and he is employed as a brand ambassador for multi-billion dollar companies. 

   Jordan's Leadership:

  • Political Director Jeffco Young Dems 

  • Captain At-Large Jeffco Dems

  • Young Dems Executive Board Member

  • House District 27 Precinct Committee Person

  • State House Rep. Brianna Titone campaign employee

  • Presidential campaign volunteer

  • Candidate for Jordan For Arvada 2017

  • 10+ year Adopt-A-Street litter pick up adoptee

  • LGBTQ and environmental rights advocate

  • Reimplemented Arvada West High School's defunct recycling program

  • Continued work to increase the spotlight on youth mental health issues

   Jordan's Endorsements:

  • Support Jeffco Kids

  • Run For Something

  • Arvadans for Progressive Action


Press & Media

Aug 29, 2019

Jordan Endorsed by Support Jeffco Kids 2019

Jordan has been endorsed by Support Jeffco Kids, again! Click to learn more.

Nov 16, 2017

Statement On Election Outcome Arvada Press

Jordan's statement regarding the election outcome in the Arvada Press Nov 16th, 2017.

Oct 19, 2017

Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado

Jordan scored 100% on the Planned Parenthood endorsement questionnaire, earning Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado's endorsement! 

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